Electronics Design Services

    Research And Development

    Innovation is the reason our company exists, grows and excels. The spirit of innovation drives us to develop products and solutions that break performance barriers and surpass existing quality standards.

    At Techniport, our R & D efforts combine innovation with quality leadership and robust result oriented processes. Our innovators are armed with cutting- edge facilities to enable them to do their best in every endeavour...

    • Building Automation Services.
    • ISO 9001:2015 certification
    • PCB placement / Layout / Assembly
    • Industrial / factory Automation project.
    • Electronic Sensor circuits and project.
    • Embedded System Designing and solutions
    • PCB designing, PCB Layout assembling and manufacturing.
    • Study the old system and upgrade the built drawing.
    • Electronic circuit Board Design and Engineering.
    • Modern-day tool room with complex and customised software, and a state-of-the- art electronic R&D centre with a focus on knowledge enhancement and staff training
    • Highly trained dedicated team of 3-4 eminent M-Tech technologists who set cutting-edge benchmarks ininnovation and engineering excellence.
    • Advanced desktop application software, customised for test result management and decisive report generation
    • Dedicated IT resources that work on developing highly specialised software for test applications
    • Experienced software team with the capability to handle IoT platform integration, big data management, and Web based applications etc. This team has developed world-class applications for clients.