Technical Services Management

    • Law voltage and Medium voltage Switchgears.
    • Power and Distribution Transformers.
    • EHV Breaker up to 400/765 kV.
    • Various Numerical Relays and Protection Circuits.
    • Programming and Parameterization of Numerical Relays.
    • Testing of REF, Differential and Directional Schemes.
    • Testing of Auto Change over Scheme.
    • Switchyards up to 400/765 kV.
    • Gas Insulated Switchgear MV & HV ( up to 400kV )
    • MV and LV Motors and Drives
    • Generator AVR
    • Harmonic Analysis Study and Reporting
    • Leakage Current Measurement
    • Harmonic Analysis
    • Partial Discharge Measurement Test.
    • Power Factor Measurement Test
    • No load Loss Measurement
    • Transformer Differential Stability, Generator stability, overall stability, Bus bar stability, Motor Differential stability, Line Differential, End to end test.